French Press

We have noticed that there are not many establishments in Pittsburgh that offer French Press Coffee. We know that Lola Bistro on the Northside and Vivo Restaurant in Sewickley does but is there anywhere else? Please let us know and we will write about it! Until then, Lola and Vivo are two places we will go for French Press coffee and dessert!

Iced Coffee…Yay or Nay?

Most people associate coffee with it served pipping hot but what about the people that drink it cold? Iced coffee was originated in Australia and from there it has hit the world, especially the United States by storm. The land down under created something great which gives iced coffee a big Yay! What do you think?

The Buddah in my Life

This morning we decided to hit up the Pittsburgh Foodtruck Round Up and in doing so I knew this was a great opportunity to visit Coffee Buddah who was hosting the event.

Coffee Buddah is in the Northhills on Route 19 and for me the best way to explain it is they brought a slice of Lawrencville to an area that needed a trendy place.

Coffee Buddah has a nice menu of different coffee and teas and I decided on having on the Peanut Buddah Latte. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the Latte was absolutely amazing. The coffee and peanut flavor was a great blend and really hit the spot on a late saturday morning.


TastebudB decided on a theHeart Mender whic Double shot of espresso. The Heartmender was served in a really cool cup and very smooth.

Unfortunatly we did not have any of the baked goods or other bites they serve daily but it gives me another reason to go back. Please check them out at

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Not Great…Not Bad


I randomly decided to walk into Sugar and Company to grab a cup of coffee and a snack after running some errands. Overall, I wasn’t overlly impressed but didn’t think it was that bad either.

I decided on the Mexican coffee and a vanilla cup cake. Unfortunatly the cup cakes where housed in a cooler in which you had to pick out yourself. And, anyone who has had a cupcake out of a cooler knows that the icing is hard and not easy to eat.

The Mexican coffee was okay and somewhat bland, which was confusing since Latin American coffee is all based off of bold flavors.

In the end it was okay and I will stop in again soon to give them a second chance.

Food – C
Coffee – C
Ambiance – A
Price – A
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The Adult Coffee


Coffee comes in many forms and flavors. Sometimes, adding a little extra kick can really hit the spot. After dinner at James Street Gastrop Pub and Speak easy I asked the waitress to bring me an adult coffee and I told her I trusted her judgement. Moments later she brought me a cup of coffee, with a shot of whiskey and topped with whipped cream. It truely was the perfect ended to a great meal.

Coffee – B+
Ambiance – A
Price – A
Staff – A+
Food – A

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espresso a mano

On a random trip to Lawrenceville to run errands I decided that this was the best opportunity to stop into a coffee shop. While walking Butler street on a snowy afternoon I came across a trendy place called Espresso A Mano.

The place was very busy with many people chatting with friends, students studying and many noses embedded into laptops. Behind the counter; two guys ready to take my order.

The menu was average in size but had the normal options.  I went with the Mocha.  I was craving a hot chocolate but wanted a kick to help me with my afternoon.

In my opinion, a Mocha should taste like hot chocolate but shouldn’t have the chocolate strength of it.  Therefore I should taste my coffee a long with the mocha influence and this did just that.

Below you will find my grading system. Unfortunately Espresso A Mano did not have many food options, so they received a “C” only based on lack of options, and not quality.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone in need of a cup of coffee while in Lawrenville or a place to meet up with a friend to catch up or study.

Coffee – B+
Ambiance – B+
Price – A
Staff – A+
Food – C
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