espresso a mano

On a random trip to Lawrenceville to run errands I decided that this was the best opportunity to stop into a coffee shop. While walking Butler street on a snowy afternoon I came across a trendy place called Espresso A Mano.

The place was very busy with many people chatting with friends, students studying and many noses embedded into laptops. Behind the counter; two guys ready to take my order.

The menu was average in size but had the normal options.  I went with the Mocha.  I was craving a hot chocolate but wanted a kick to help me with my afternoon.

In my opinion, a Mocha should taste like hot chocolate but shouldn’t have the chocolate strength of it.  Therefore I should taste my coffee a long with the mocha influence and this did just that.

Below you will find my grading system. Unfortunately Espresso A Mano did not have many food options, so they received a “C” only based on lack of options, and not quality.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone in need of a cup of coffee while in Lawrenville or a place to meet up with a friend to catch up or study.

Coffee – B+
Ambiance – B+
Price – A
Staff – A+
Food – C
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