This morning we decided to hit up the Pittsburgh Foodtruck Round Up and in doing so I knew this was a great opportunity to visit Coffee Buddah who was hosting the event.

Coffee Buddah is in the Northhills on Route 19 and for me the best way to explain it is they brought a slice of Lawrencville to an area that needed a trendy place.

Coffee Buddah has a nice menu of different coffee and teas and I decided on having on the Peanut Buddah Latte. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the Latte was absolutely amazing. The coffee and peanut flavor was a great blend and really hit the spot on a late saturday morning.


TastebudB decided on a theHeart Mender whic Double shot of espresso. The Heartmender was served in a really cool cup and very smooth.

Unfortunatly we did not have any of the baked goods or other bites they serve daily but it gives me another reason to go back. Please check them out at

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